3 Tips to Prepare for a Website Development Consultation.

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During your initial meeting, a web development consultant needs to understand the requirements and goals of your current or future website. It could be that you need a specific function like event registration, online ordering, or you might just want a new look, anything is possible as long as there is a clear idea and a plan for developing a site that will be more useful than an ongoing headache. It is also very important for you to know your website goals, at the end of the day web presence […]

What is a Scam and How to Prevent it?

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  The latest method for convincing you to install malicious software on your computer is through an unsolicited phone call from a person pretending to be a contractor for Microsoft, Google or other Big Tech Company. The caller claims that there are errors or problems on your computer. After a misleading pitch about the meaning and severity of these errors and problems, the caller gains access to your computer and locks it, once this is done they want you to pay them an exaggerated amount of money to unlock it! […]

The First 24 Hours.

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What have you done with The First 24 Hours of 2018? Have you realized that Great things get accomplished by the little things that you do everyday to stay on your path to success? That appointment, that letter, that customer that is waiting for you to take action, continuous focus is and discipline is all it takes to move closer to your goals. At Greatech we have started 2018 excited and eager to serve our current customers better and to continue building new business relationships and partnerships  that will ensure […]

Do you know why?

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Over the course of our lives we do and learn to do things based on what and how, like that is the perfect formula to achieve great things, except it’s not necessarily true, because even when a person knows what he or she wants in his or her life, and even when they know how to do it, they don’t necessary apply themselves to succeed, they don’t really know why. The path of will, the path of pain, and going out of your comfort zone leads to knowing what and […]

Greatech On-Site Services

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@ Greatech we understand that disconnecting all those cables and getting under and behind your desk can be a challenging task, not to mention the idea of carrying with you your files, your pictures, your projects etc., on this piece of equipment, Whew! what a chore if you just want to check your e-mail, or Skype your grandchildren in Costa Rica and the most advanced piece of equipment in the Home is NOT WORKING!!! Just thinking about it reminds me of a customer who  was able to extract that mysterious […]

Remote Support @ Greatech

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    It is incredible the amount of problems that can be solved by a Remote Great Technician only with an internet connection. From e-mail problems like spam or password resets, or simply walking the customer through a form online. Anything can be done, anything can be accomplished even in the most extreme of the situations, throughout my career I have been in phone calls for over 3 hours in order to solve a customer problem that needed to be solved on the same day and with urgency, and the […]