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Greatech On-Site Services

@ Greatech we understand that disconnecting all those cables and getting under and behind your desk can be a challenging task, not to mention the idea of carrying with you your files, your pictures, your projects etc., on this piece of equipment, Whew! what a chore if you just want to check your e-mail, or Skype your grandchildren in Costa Rica and the most advanced piece of equipment in the Home is NOT WORKING!!!

Just thinking about it reminds me of a customer who  was able to extract that mysterious piece of computing equipment, except when she was driving it to the Greatech Center in Logansport Indiana she found her All-in-one computer rolling inside the trunk and getting the screen damaged, Oh no!

When she arrived to the Greatech Center she told us the story, we estimated that it would cost more to repair the damage than it would cost to replace the already aged computer. If replacing the screen would have been cost effective for the customer, the computer could have been upgraded to Windows 10 on a new HDD or even an SSD and perhaps even install some more RAM on it. But the customer decided to just get a new computer.

After this incident and experience, that customer suggested we do house calls, she had us install her new computer, transfer her Programs, Files and Settings and even made sure that her computer and network security were taken care of while we were on-site.

We love servicing customers with special needs or disabilities through our On-Site Services as well, we continue improving our already top on-site service for your Home Computers, Smartphones, Tablets and Smart Devices as well as your Business or Organization Technology.

With a Team of Expert Technicians on different 21st century technologies and devices we can serve your Family or your business technology needs, whether you want to mount that smart TV on your wall, or if you want to implement network security in your business, we got your covered.

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