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What is a Scam and How to Prevent it?


The latest method for convincing you to install malicious software on your computer is through an unsolicited phone call from a person pretending to be a contractor for Microsoft, Google or other Big Tech Company.

The caller claims that there are errors or problems on your computer.

After a misleading pitch about the meaning and severity of these errors and problems, the caller gains access to your computer and locks it, once this is done they want you to pay them an exaggerated amount of money to unlock it!


These scams can separate you from your money, or could also be used for information theft.

Here are a few steps to minimize the chances of being a victim of this type of fraud:

  • Always seek a second opinion, even if it is a real Microsoft Agent, at Greatech we can give you a FREE ESTIMATE and tell you the TRUTH.
  • Ask how they got your contact information, MICROSOFT WILL NOT CALL YOU TO FIX YOUR COMPUTER unless you called them first.
  • Ask for a supervisor immediately to verify consistency, if supervisor answers, ask him how they got your information again.
  • Ask them where they are located. Often times they would give up after this question.

In general look for signs of inconsistency and poor communication skills, the people who are behind this seem to always be in a hurry and


until you have a second opinion on their claims.

Call Greatech Computer Repair, we can help you find out if there is anything at all in your computer that may compromise your computer or your personal information and offer you an affordable solution for it.

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