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3 Tips to Prepare for a Website Development Consultation.

During your initial meeting, a web development consultant needs to understand the requirements and goals of your current or future website. It could be that you need a specific function like event registration, online ordering, or you might just want a new look, anything is possible as long as there is a clear idea and a plan for developing a site that will be more useful than an ongoing headache.

It is also very important for you to know your website goals, at the end of the day web presence can really improve your brand, your customer service, revenue etc. Once you have identified who is your target market, specific site goals and style, then it is time to gather the specific information and resources you need for your website to be built.

Ask yourself: What is the scope of the project?

During the discovery process your consultant needs to understand what your website will do and what it won’t do, typically pages like Home, About Us, Services, and a Contact Page are the starting point, however you also want to have a clear description of services and product pages on your site. If you collect personal information or process payments you need a privacy policy and encryption to protect the visitor’s data, so make sure you have a clear understanding of how you want to utilize your website in terms of what it will do for your business or organization and what it won’t do.

Determine how much you have to or want to spend on this website.

Knowing your budget for a website can help you leverage your resources efficiently, web developers should be able to provide an estimate and scale a small project into a more complex endeavor depending on your planning and your funds. It is important to also understand pricing, whether it’s a fixed price or hourly rate. When budgeting keep in mind extra costs and characteristics that can affect the overall cost of your project such as:

  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Site Updates and Revisions
  • Site Backups
  • Search Engine Optimization

When is the launch date?

Determine a deadline for your project in order to keep it moving, depending on the complexity and scope of your website, web developers should be able to estimate a deadline and follow through, keep in mind the stakeholders of your project, whether there will be a photographer, videographer or content writer, make sure you have all the contact information for everyone participating; constraints and hindrances are commonly just communication issues and delayed resources, keep those in check and involve your team to get important insights and suggestions for your fresh or overhauled online presence.

If you would like to get a Free Website consultation, please visit our “Website Requirements Page” and fill out the form with your project information. We would love to get back with you, schedule an appointment at our Eugene Oregon, Logansport Indiana, or Vancouver Washington offices and get your project started.



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